“WeatherView” Display Software

WeatherView is a real time data display and data archive program compatible with the AutoMet 580, AIO 2 and MSO-232. Climatronics “WeatherView” (WView), software is a universal display package for the presentation and archiving of meteorological data from a digital weather station. The WView software runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows up to and including Windows 10.


The software accepts a printable ASCII serial data stream as an input. The user defines the location of the various variables in the data stream during the “System Configuration” set-up phase and selects the data averaging period, sensor update period and system name during the “System Settings” phase. The serial interface and the FTP settings are also user controlled from the pull-down setup menu.data plan which may renewed by the user thereafter.

Two screens are available. Either one of the screens may be selected at any time by pointing and clicking on the proper toolbar button. The engineering units of the displayed data can also be changed on the fly by selecting the units desired on the toolbar. The selected averaging interval and the current time are both displayed on the window status bar.

The amount of wind direction variability over the selected averaging period is shown as a colored band on the edge of the wind direction circular display. Wind speed gust information based on the highest speed attained during the last averaging period is also displayed if the displayed data are being averaged.

The data from the computer running WView can be sent to one or more remote computers running WView Remote (available separately). Optionally, the WView image can be sent via FTP to a server for viewing on the Internet.


  • Application Configurable
  • Operates Under All Windows Versions
  • Fully Supported/Self Documenting
  • Compatible With Common DAS’s
  • Data Both Displayed & Archived

Specifications are subject to change at any time