Industrial Weather Stations

Met One Instruments, Inc’s (MOI) weather stations and sensors are proudly manufactured in the USA. We excel in design and technology and we manufacture to the highest quality control standards. For 50 years MOI has a proven real world performance record. The commitment to our customers and the quality of our products has made Met One Instruments, Inc a world leader in meteorological monitoring.

MOI’s meteorological monitoring systems feature quality sensors, components and accessories. Sensors supplied with each system cover the range of measurements, level of accuracy and long life that user require. Our sensors interface directly to most data loggers and industry standard Data Acquisition/ Management Systems.

Our Integrated Systems Group (ISG) provides design expertise and equipment knowledge to ensure accurate, reliable data for commercial, industrial and military markets. The MOI line of automated observation systems provide accurate and reliable meteorological, and air quality data acquisition, recording and reporting. Our products and systems are in service worlds wide with environmental protection agencies, university research, exploration projects, large and small industrial facilities, agriculture and hydrology. Most Nuclear Power plants around the United States and many others around the world use
our systems. MOI systems are supplying meteorologists, decision makers, and researchers with vital data in some of earth’s most hostile environments.

MOI Systems Engineers and dedicated staff work with each customer to examine the project requirement. Our team then specifies the equipment and sensors required. Pulling together years of experience in the design, operation, and maintenance of monitoring stations we are able to beat deadlines and streamline deliveries. Our systems are pre- assembled, pre-programmed, and tested as a whole before shipping. The systems are turn-key and ready for immediate operation. Met One Instruments, Inc directs a considerable percentage of our annual revenue back into R&D activities resulting in the continual improvement of our products.

Met One Instruments, Inc’s is committed to renewable energy and environmental preservation. Our line of weather stations and meteorological sensors are designed to improve the measurement accuracy of the world’s precious natural resources. We offer class one wind sensors and high accuracy solid-state weather stations to measure and optimize power generation from wind and solar farms.

Specifications are subject to change at any time