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MCA 4000

Introducing the latest technological innovation from Met One Instruments, Inc., the MCA 4000 Multi-Channel Analyzer. This instrument is a complete particulate counting and sizing measurement system that provides a 4,096 channel spectrum for airborne particulate between 0.3 and 10.0 microns. The MCA 4000 utilizes light scatter technology, and sheath air is used to prevent contamination of internal optics of the instrument. It is designed to collect a one-minute (selectable) sample for output to your desktop or laptop computer. Not only does the supplied PC software display a graph of the resultant sample and store the data for later analysis, but it also has a variable display function for magnified resolution of any part of the graph. Variable selection of the graph allows the user to zero in and highlight an area of interest. For highest resolution and maximum flexibility, the output of the MCA 4000 is
displayed on your computer’s high-resolution screen. Four thousand channels calls for a big screen!

Met One’s MCA 4000 is battery operated for convenient, portable use for up to 9 hours of continuous operation. Connect the AC adapter/charger for longer operation and battery charging. The instrument is housed in a portable stainless-steel enclosure complete with a handle for easy transportation, and only requires your computer to place in operation. The large touch screen display is used to easily display data and/or update user configuration settings such as sample period, measurement units, and measurement sizes.

Under typical operation, particles are sampled through an isokinetic inlet. This allows the instrument to sort particles into 4000+ channels by count size. Data is continually updated to the computer. If the software is not being utilized, the MCA will still be able to sample and store data.

Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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