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As we move from remote learning and start to transition back to in-class education, our heightened awareness of the dangers in the air we breathe raises concern about the air’s safety in schools. Met One Instruments, Inc. is proud to support school districts in detecting air particle levels within the classroom and surrounding areas and record these samples as a basis for reference and improvement where needed.



Justin Tocher measures PM levels in a classroom in Grants Pass, OR, USA using the Aerocet 831 Aerosol Mass Monitor



Justin Tocher is the custodial manager for Three Rivers School District in Grants Pass, Oregon. He utilizes the Aerocet-831 Aerosol Mass Monitor as part of his daily maintenance inspection routine to measure particulate levels from room-to-room. Justin finds Met One’s Aerocet-831 handheld PM monitor very easy to operate in taking samples throughout the schools and uses the measurement readings to identify any particulate source emissions that may need addressing.



Good indoor air quality is a critical component in meeting the primary goal of educating our children. Indoor Air Quality problems left unaddressed can increase long-and short-term health problems for students and staff. These health effects could be:


• Coughing
• Eye irritation
• Headaches
• Allergic Reactions
• Aggravation to Asthma or Other Respiratory Illnesses
• Brain Fog
• & More



Poor indoor air quality often impacts student, teacher, and staff attendance, comfort, and performance. A particle monitor is proven to be a useful tool for detecting particulate triggers that lead to health and learning problems. Such a device can help promote a healthy learning and working environment, increase attendance, improve test scores, and enhance student and staff productivity. Sense and respond to the needs of your students and staff with Met One Instruments handheld particle counters.



Justin Tocher measures PM levels in a classroom in Grants Pass, OR, USA using the Aerocet 831 Aerosol Mass Monitor.



Justin has supplemented indoor air quality monitoring with outdoor air quality monitoring on the athletic fields of the Three Rivers School District high schools. With wildfire seasons becoming more prolonged and more intense, safeguarding student-athletes from smoke inhalation has become another top priority. Utilizing Met One’s ES-412 Portable Particulate Profilers, PM10 and PM2.5 levels are continuously monitored on and around the sports fields to make informed decisions about outdoor athletic events, team practices, and PE classes.



Pictured here is Met One’s ES-412 Portable Particulate Profiler permanently installed on the athletic field of a Three Rivers School District high school, which measures outdoor air quality to safeguard student-athlete health, especially critical during wildfire season.



Utilizing the Aerocet 831 indoors together with the ES-412 outdoors offers a unique advantage. The ES-412 is an ultra-portable, dual-channel particle profiler that measures both PM2.5 & PM10 simultaneously with near-reference accuracy. Data transmits in real-time to the cloud for retrieval & analysis from any smart device or computer. Compare indoor particulate readings obtained with the Aerocet 831, which measures five different mass ranges & offers ample data storage, to those of the ES-412. The ES-412 acts as a near-reference monitoring device to compare indoor particulate measurements, providing extra assurance for data integrity. Protect student health with the highest level of confidence in the data obtained.



Safeguard student health. Sense and respond with confidence utilizing Met One Instruments, Inc.’s time-tested, precision air quality sensors.


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