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Systems Designed To Meet Or Exceed Federal Regulatory Monitoring Guidelines

Collect Data With Precision And Confidence

Met One Instruments, Inc. provides high-quality instruments to federal, state, county, and local government agencies worldwide to help ensure air quality, health and safety, and regulatory compliance. Met One Instruments offers a selection of designated (EPA, TUV, CNEMC, NIER) monitors and samplers currently in countrywide networks from the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, and South America.  You can find our products in 197 countries.

Our products are used in subways and underground facilities, state and country-wide networks, and industrial sites. Our products are also used in hospitals, schools, food processing plants, medical manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and emergency response sites.

Met One Instruments, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of ambient particulate monitors and samplers. Ambient particulate monitors sample, measure, and log the concentration of ambient particulate matter (TSP, PM10, PM2.5, or PM10-2.5). On the other hand, ambient particulate samplers sample and deposit ambient particulate matter onto pre-weighed filters for later gravimetric or speciation analysis in a laboratory (TSP, PM10, PM2.5, or PM10-2.5). 

Our beta attenuation mass monitors, “BAMs,” are used across the globe for applications requiring the highest possible accuracy and precision. The BAM 1020 is the flagship of the BAM line with certifications in the United States, Europe, China, Korea, and Taiwan. More than 15,000 BAM-1020 monitors have been sold to date. The BAMs offered by Met One Instruments, Inc. are:

For specific product information, please download the:

Beta-Gauge Informational Brochure

Met One Instruments, Inc.’s reference air samplers are available in either single-event or multiple event configurations. The single event E-FRM reference sampler is used for ambient sampling on pre-weighed 47 mm diameter filters for later gravimetric or chemical speciation laboratory analysis. The E-SEQ-FRM sequential reference sampler may be loaded with up to 16 pre-weighed 47 mm diameter filters for later laboratory analysis and provides for up to 16 independent sampling events.

Our SASS and SuperSASS single and multiple event speciation samplers provide the capability of collecting five independent samples in a single event, or up to 8 independent samples on up to 4 independent sampling events. The SASS and SuperSASS speciation samplers use pre-weighed 47 mm diameter filters, which may be used for gravimetric or speciation chemical analysis. The PM samplers offered by Met One Instruments, Inc. are:

Read more about the BAM 1020’s proven accuracy in Met One’s scientific paper:

Using the Met One Instruments BAM 1020 to Compute AQI and NowCast Indices

Regulatory Monitoring Products:

  • Swift 25 including probe and clip(Take Two) 2

    Swift 25.0 Flow Calibrator

    The Swift 25.0 is a multi-function, truly portable flow calibrator. Specifically designed to audit and calibrate flow, pressure, and temperature of our higher flow rate ambient air sampling and monitoring instruments. Flow accuracy is NIST traceable.

  • BAM-1020 Continuous Particulate Monitor

    Continuous Particulate Monitor BAM 1020

    The BAM 1020 automatically measures and records airborne particulate concentration levels (in milligrams or micrograms per cubic meter) using the industry-proven principle of beta ray attenuation. Thousands of BAM 1020 units are currently deployed worldwide, making the unit one of...

  • BAM-1022 Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor - Met One Instruments

    BAM-1022 Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor

    The Met One Instruments, Inc. BAM 1022 Real-Time Portable Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor continuously measures the mass concentration of ambient particulate matter collected onto glass filter tape with a time resolution of one minute. The BAM 1022 employs an in-line...

  • E-BAM - Met One Instruments

    E-BAM Portable Environmental Beta-Attenuation Mass Monitor

    The Met One Instruments E-BAM is in a class of its own as a portable, real-time beta gauge comparable to U.S. EPA methods for PM2.5 and PM10 particulate measurements. The E-BAM has been built to satisfy users, regulators, and those from...

  • E-BAM Plus - Met One Instruments

    E-BAM PLUS Portable Environmental Beta-Attenuation Mass Monitor

    The Met One Instruments, Inc. E-BAM Plus is a portable, real-time beta gauge which has EPA Approval for PM10 particulate measurements. The E-BAM Plus will satisfy users, regulators and those from the health community by providing truly accurate, precise, real...

  • BC 1054 Black Carbon Analyzer

    The Met One Instruments BC 1054 Multi-spectrum Black Carbon Analyzer continuously measures the transmittance of light across filter media onto which particulate matter is accumulating and in real-time calculates the black-carbon “BC” concentrations at 10 different wavelengths ranging from the...

  • E-SEQ-FRM Sequential Reference Method Sampler - Met One Instruments

    E-SEQ-FRM Sequential Reference Particulate Sampler

    Our E-SEQ-FRM Reference Method meets the regulatory requirements for PM2.5, PM10 and PM10-2.5 sampling methods. The E-SEQ-FRM accommodates up to sixteen (16) 47-mm diameter filter samples and may be pre-programmed to a flexible, user-defined sampling schedule, permitting more than 2 weeks of...

  • E-FRM-DC Reference Method Particulate Sampler

      The new and improved Met One Instruments, Inc. E-FRM-DC sampler is a single-event filter sampler to determine daily PM2.5 or PM10 particulate concentrations in ambient air. The E-FRM-DC has an innovative design and unique features that provide a versatile, reliable,...

  • SASS and SUPER SASS Speciation Sampler

    Met One’s Speciation Samplers are designed to comply with and exceed EPA Speciation requirements. Two models provide a choice for compliance monitoring: SASS, a 5 channel sampling system; and SUPER SASS, an 8 channel, multiple event, sampling system. The SASS...

  • Particulate Sampler E-FRM Reference

    Met One Instruments’ E-FRM is a single channel particulate sampler approved as a US-EPA reference method for PM2.5, PM10, PM10-2.5. Configured with an alternate PM2.5 cyclone, the E-FRM may also be operated as a US-EPA designated equivalent method for PM2.5....

  • BC-1060 - Met One Instruments

    BC 1060 Portable Black Carbon Monitor

    Our BC-1060 portable black carbon monitor measures and reports black carbon concentrations, with user-selectable time resolution down to one minute, at both UV (370 nm) and IR (880 nm) illumination wavelengths. The combination of portability and dual-wavelength illumination permits rapid,...

  • Industrial Weather Station

    Met One Instruments’ Industrial Weather Stations are configured to provide plant operators with the weather data needed for operations, regulatory compliance, safety and emergency response. The systems use reliable and accurate sensors to measure the weather variables of interest. Depending...

  • Air Quality Weather Station

    Air Quality Weather Station

    Met One’s Air Quality Weather Stations are specifically configured to comply with U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) guidelines for air quality and regulatory meteorological monitoring. Stations are available in pre-packaged configuration for rapid delivery but can...

  • AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor - Met One Instruments

    Weather Sensor AIO 2 Sonic

    The AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor is a complete, high performance weather sensor using Met One Instruments’ proven 2D sonic technology. This technology provides reference grade accuracy without moving parts and includes a built-in compass used for automatic magnetic north...

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