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Air Pollution Solutions for Community Network Integration






“Smart Cities” are the future of civilization.  Could you imagine what the world would look like if every city on the planet were able to incorporate the quality of life of a “Smart City?”



Smart Cities use the latest technological advancements to make educated decisions about managing their communities’ safety and well-being, especially when it comes to all types of pollution. For this reason, MOI is at the forefront of assisting Smart Cities with their mission of air quality inporvements with precise monitoring instruments for particulate concentration and composition, and localized surface weather data.






Urban air quality is a major challenge for cities of all sizes as air quality affects us all: young and elderly, whether indoors or outside. The need for more AQ data is a key objective for decision-makers within government, healthcare, schools and universities, industry, and civic/community organizations to enable effective assessment, base policy decisions, and to initiate intervention responses.



The AQ data should be high quality, reliable, Reference or Near-Reference grade (NSIM), and readily accessible. Localized, real-time air quality data is of tremendous interest and value to the public.



Met One Instruments, Inc. offers a family of packaged, component, and OEM solutions tailored for Smart City Air Quality Monitoring that provide:


  • Reference & Near-Reference (NSIM) Grade Data Quality
  • Easy Integration to Existing Urban Infrastructure
  • Low-Cost Implementation
  • Quick Deployment with Automated Functionality
  • Accessible Data on Any Smart Device
  • Highly Portable, Mobile, or Fixed Installation




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Met One Instruments, Inc. has installed more than 20,000 environmental measurement instruments worldwide. Our air particulate and meteorological instruments are capable of monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year in fixed and portable applications, including the world’s largest mobile urban network.



For over 30 years we have provided a full spectrum of solutions, from regulatory compliant particulate monitors to handheld particle profilers, near-reference particle analyzers, embedded OEM technologies, and meteorological sensors and systems. Met One is well-positioned to respond to the demands of hyper-local Smart Cities AQ monitoring for many reasons, including but not limited to:


  • Strong Correlation to Established Agency Networks
  • Block-by-block, Home-to-Home Granularity
  • Made in the USA
  • OEM Program to Expedite New Sensor Development for Partners









  • Smart Cities
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Neighborhood-Scale Monitoring
  • Industry



Want to Learn More About Smart Cities?



🔗 Read Smart City 101 to learn the ins and outs of what makes a smart city a success.





Smart Cities Products:

  • BAM-1022 Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor - Met One Instruments

    BAM-1022 Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor

    The Met One Instruments, Inc. BAM 1022 Real-Time Portable Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor continuously measures the mass concentration of ambient particulate matter collected onto glass filter tape with a time resolution of one minute. The BAM 1022 employs an in-line...

  • BC-1060 - Met One Instruments

    BC 1060 Portable Black Carbon Monitor

    Our BC-1060 portable black carbon monitor measures and reports black carbon concentrations, with user-selectable time resolution down to one minute, at both UV (370 nm) and IR (880 nm) illumination wavelengths. The combination of portability and dual-wavelength illumination permits rapid,...

  • ES-405

    ES-405 Simultaneous Particulate Profiler

    The ES-405 is a near reference air quality sensor designed to provide accurate real-time measurements of PM10, PM4, PM2.5, and PM1 particulate concentrations simultaneously. It reports these four key particulate concentrations in both indoor and outdoor environments. The rugged weatherproof...

  • ES-412

    NEW ES-412 Portable Simultaneous Particulate Profiler

    Introducing the newest addition to Met One Instruments, Inc. line of Localized Particulate Monitors, the ES-412 Portable Simultaneous Particulate Profiler. As a Near-FEM (Federal Equivalent Method) product, the ES-412 provides the quality and day-to-day stability consistent with EPA quality objectives....

  • C-12 Portable Carbon Monitor

      Carbon monitoring on a granular scale has never been more affordable, opening up an array of opportunities that were previously economically out of reach for many applications.   Introducing the GROUNDBREAKING Met One Instruments, Inc. C-12 Portable Carbon Monitor....

  • The ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor

    Remote Dust Monitor ES-642

    Met One Instruments’ ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor is an industrial air-quality sensor designed to provide real time particle concentration measurements in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our ES-642 measures particulate concentration using a highly sensitive forward scatter laser nephelometer, which...

  • NPM 2 Network Particulate Monitor - Met One Instruments

    NPM 3 Network Particulate Monitor

    The Met One Instruments, Inc. NPM 3 is a forward light scatter laser nephelometer particulate monitor which automatically measures real-time airborne TSP, PM10, or PM2.5 particulate concentration levels. The NPM 3 features improved reliability and lower maintenance. Each unit uses...

  • ReadyWeather

    ReadyWeather Data-to-Desktop Weather Station

    ReadyWeather is the newest addition to the Met One Instruments, Inc. family of data-to-desktop products, designed with ease of use and data integrity in mind. This rapidly deployable weather station may be used in fixed or temporary installation applications, with...

  • AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor - Met One Instruments

    Weather Sensor AIO 2 Sonic

    The AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor is a complete, high performance weather sensor using Met One Instruments’ proven 2D sonic technology. This technology provides reference grade accuracy without moving parts and includes a built-in compass used for automatic magnetic north...

  • MSO Weather Sensor - Met One Instruments

    MSO Weather Sensor

    The MSO is an integrated 5-parameter Weather Station. Wind Speed and Wind Direction are measured using conventional cup and vane techniques. All other measurements are housed in a multi-plate naturally aspirated radiation shield to reduce solar radiation heating errors. The...

  • CCS COMET Cloud Service - Met One Instruments

    CCS COMET Cloud+ Service

    Met One Instruments’ COMET Cloud Plus+ (CCS) is a cellular modem and cloud data service package which is directly compatible with a variety of air quality and meteorological sensors. The CCS modem is available for 4G LTE Domestic and GSM/...

  • 597 Temperature/Relative Humidity/Pressure Sensor

    Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor 597A

    The 597 is an integrated Temperature, Relative Humidity and Pressure measurement sensor. All sensing elements are of the highest quality and are specifically designed for continuous duty in hostile environments. The temperature sensor utilizes platinum RTD class 1/3B. Relative Humidity...

  • Visibility Sensor 6400

    Met One Instruments’ Model 6400 Visibility Sensor is designed to monitor visibility conditions over a range of 20ft-50miles (6m-80km). Our Model 6400 includes both digital and relay outputs. The Digital RS232 output at 300-38,400 Baud can be used to indicate...

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