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C-12 Portable Black Carbon Monitor


Introducing the groundbreaking C-12, our portable and weatherproof dual wavelength carbon monitor, which allows for highly granular measurement of black and brown carbon at an unbeatable total cost of ownership, making precise carbon tracking more accessible than ever before.

The C-12 from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem is a robust carbon monitoring device which uses software-based loading compensation, when it measures optical attenuation (via two wavelengths: 880 and 370 nm) through a filter, to report airborne Black Carbon (BC) and Brown Carbon (BrC) concentrations of the total suspended particulate matter (TSP) with sensitivity better than 70 ng/m3 at 1-minute time intervals.

The C-12 Portable Carbon Monitor is self-contained, eliminating the need for expensive, space- and power-consuming environmental shelters, with multiple mounting options (tripod, pole mount, wall mount, etc.).

A notable feature of the C-12 is its ability to make over 500 filter advances per roll of filter tape, allowing for unattended operation intervals of more than two months.

Its modest sampling rate (1 LPM) allows it to be easily powered by a solar panel in most regions. In its standard configuration, the C-12 includes an AC power adapter.

The C-12 is an industrial-grade device, offering users continuous information through remote access. Equipped with an integrated CCS+ COMET Cloud modem with GSM module, data is available in real-time on a customized web page dashboard.

Despite its affordability compared to other commercially available carbon monitors, it is robustly built in the USA, featuring an all-metal weatherproof enclosure. With proper servicing and calibration, users can expect its operating life to exceed ten years.

With a standard sampling rate of 1 LPM, the unit may be flow-checked and flow-calibrated using most commercially available flow calibrators. We recommend our multi-function flow meter: Swift 6.0. The C-12 employs the same span calibration value (MACS) used by the models BC 1054, BC 1060, BC 1065, and other commercially available tape-based carbon measurement devices (aethalometers) manufactured by Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem.

INDUSTRY NEWS: The C-12 Black Carbon Monitor won the Special Jury Prize at the AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge for 2023. Click Here to view the detailed report, which showed an excellent correlation between the C-12 and the reference monitor, but at less than 20% of the cost: AIRLAB C-12 Detailed Report

(The full Airlab Microsensors Challenge Protocol is available HERE.)


  • Unmatched Value for Granular Data.
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Portable
  • Fully self-contained
  • Software-based compensation of measurements for filter loading effects
  • Long filter tape life
  • Real-Time Cloud Communications
  • Data Logger Compatible
  • Accessible Price Point
  • Time-tested, durable and reliable technology
  • Precision measurements


Wu et al., Evaluating the performance and influencing factors of three portable black carbon monitors for field measurement, Journal of Environmental Sciences, 139, 320–333, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jes.2023.05.044, 2024.

Available Configurations

  • C-12 Base Unit: USB, RS-232, and AC Power Input.
  • C-12 with Cellular: USB, RS-232, CCS3 Cellular Modem (user-provided SIM), GPS, and AC Power Input.
  • C-12 with Solar: USB, RS-232, and Solar Power System.
  • C-12 with Cellular & Solar: USB, RS-232, CCS3 Cellular Modem (user-provided SIM), GPS, and Solar Power System.


Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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