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Monitor Airborne Particles In Controlled Environments

Ensure Operations Compliance & Safety

Cleanroom environments require that strict levels of cleanliness, temperature & moisture are maintained to ensure contamination free environments and increase yield. Various ISO cleanroom classes define the particles per cubic meter allowed.

For more information on Met One Instruments clean room monitors please download our:

Clean Room Particle Counters Guide medical factory and production indoor with BT-620

Design of a cleanroom is based on process requirements, room volume, classification (particles per volume), and the type of filtration required. Validation testing is used to establish periodic or continuous monitoring points. Our bench top BT-610 and BT-620 also provide a printed record and are ideal for ISO 14644-1:2015 Class 3 thru 9 cleanroom applications.

All models can meet the calibration requirements of ISO 21501-4 and meet the requirements for the manufacture of sterile medicinal products per EU GMP Annex I (EMEA) Grades A through D.

When monitoring is required in auxiliary areas, choose one of our portable units such as the GT-521S and GT-526S. These offer additional size selections and large data memories.

Hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and medical laboratories monitor their air filtration systems for microorganisms such as bacteria or fungus particles. The GT-324 is well suited for such medical indoor air monitoring where HVAC and Filter Performance follow ISO16890 and ASHRAE 52.2 standards.

Use this table to determine which handheld or benchtop air monitoring device is appropriate for your application:

Handheld Comparison Table DEC 2020

Handheld Products Comparison

Clean Room Monitors & Controlled Environments Products:

  • Bench-Top Particle Counter BT-620

    Our BT-620 Bench-Top Particle Counter provides a full feature set in a lightweight convenient size. This Counter monitors 6 particle sizes, includes a built-in printer, is battery or AC operated in a stainless-steel case. The 620 flow rate is 1.0...

  • BT-610 Bench-Top Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Bench-Top Particle Counter BT-610

    The BT-610 is a compact battery-operated particle counter with six selectable size channels and built-in printer all housed in a portable stainless-steel case. Flow rate is 0.1 cfm (2.83 lpm) and is maintained with volumetric flow control for improved accuracy.

  • GT-526S Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Handheld Particle Counter GT-526S

    Met One Instruments’ GT-526S is a full-featured, six-channel battery-operated, portable particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit with the convenience of a handheld. The six-channels can be configured to factory calibrated standard sizes or user defined custom...

  • Handheld Particle Counter GT-521S

    The GT-521S is a full-featured, battery-operated, portable particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit with the convenience of a handheld. This powerful device supports cumulative or differential counts, standard concentrations, total counts and count alarms. It can...

  • GT-324 Handheld Particle Counter

    Met One Instruments, Inc.’s Model GT-324 particle counter is a full-featured handheld particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit in a portable package. A fully integrated RH/Temp sensor immediately provides data to your displayed and logged data....

  • Model 804 Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Handheld Particle Counter Model 804

    Met One Instruments’ 804 handheld particle counter is a 4-channel portable particle counter that counts particles 0.3 microns to 10.0 microns – giving you portability and reliability at very competitive pricing. Though compact, this unit is completely self-contained with its...

  • Aerocet 531S Handheld Particle Counter

    Aerocet 531S Handheld Particle Mass Profiler & Counter

    The Aerocet 531S is a full–featured, completely portable, battery operated, handheld mass monitor or particle counter. This unit provides particle counts or mass PM measurements as stored data logged values, real-time networked data, or printed results.

  • Aerocet 831 Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Aerocet 831 Handheld Particle Counter

    The Aerocet 831 is a completely portable, full–featured, battery operated, handheld mass monitor. This device simultaneously provides five critical mass ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 & TSP) in one minute from start up. Survey the environment with the easy to...

  • Swift 6.0 Flow Meter

    The Swift 6.0 is a multi-function Flow Meter specifically designed for accurate low rate measurements. The device’s easy to read display shows Flow Rate, Flow Temperature and Ambient Pressure. Flow measurements are traceable to our NIST standard and Certification is...

  • Met One Instruments


    Met One Instruments’ OEM Sensors signal a continued commitment to protecting and preserving health and wellbeing in a world increasingly threatened by airborne particulate. These optical devices start from simple low cost analog samplers easily integrated into existing systems to...

  • Particle View RT Software

    Particle View RT software includes all of the functions required for recording real time data, viewing data (both real time and historical), and producing tabular and graphic reports needed for most users of clean rooms and controlled environments. It is...

  • Particle View Software

    Particle View software includes all of the functions required for the downloading, viewing of data, and production of both tabular and graphic reports. It is designed for use with the Met One Instruments, Inc. line of hand held and bench top...

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