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Met One Instruments, Inc., is a manufacturer of particulate monitors and samplers for ambient and controlled environmental applications. The focus is to meet governmental and industrial regulatory requirements with instruments of high quality, ease of use and backed by excellent after sales service. Always innovating and expanding, Met One Instruments is one of the oldest scientific instrument manufacturers in the United States. With PM and meteorological instruments in networks in 95+ countries worldwide, Met One Instruments provides factory and site training upon request.

Leaders in Particulate Monitors, Meteorological Instruments, Environmental Software, and Communications

Projects have included PM monitoring networks for countries from Asia. Europe, the Middle East and South America, as well as the major part of PM monitoring within the USA and Canada. Private industry, research institutions, universities, military, as well as all levels of government environmental agencies are amongst its satisfied customers.

Met One Instruments History

In 1985, Met One Instruments, Inc. was formed to focus on the growing environmental market and the entire meteorological product line was spun off Met One, Inc. and incorporated as Met One Instruments, Inc., a private corporation.

The company has grown through careful planning, dedication to customer service and the ability to design and manufacture quality, user-friendly products to meet government standards worldwide as well as for communities aware of the importance of monitoring and sampling for the safety of their workers and citizens. For this reason, Met One Instruments’ engineers and developers always have the practical applications in mind when developing instruments with the most accurate information available. In today’s crowded field of air monitoring instruments, Met One Instruments is the standard for which all other instruments are measured.