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Measure & Report Particulate Component Concentrations

Detailed Data For Public & Environmental Health

Met One Instruments provides two monitors that measure and report carbon concentrations. Ambient air can contain significant amounts of carbon in certain areas. Differentiating the type of carbon—whether it is black carbon, brown carbon or organic carbon—is useful and an area of research. Through background monitoring, carbon identification, and concentration monitoring, regulators, researchers, and in some cases first responders, can begin to identify the source of the carbon, whether it be the burning of fossil fuels, wood, tobacco or other biomass.

Specialty Samplers

Pesticide Sampler:

Met One Instruments, Inc. offers an ambient Multi-channel sampler which is used for field sampling of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. One common configuration has 3-channels with flow rates 15 LPM (PTFE cartridge), 1.5 LPM (thin glass cartridge), and 50 cc/min (thin glass cartridge) for sampling and subsequent analysis for organophosphate pesticides, methyl isocyanate (MITC) and chloropicrin. Other configurations are also available.

Substitute IMPROVE Sampler:

Met One Instruments, Inc.  offers an ambient multichannel speciation sampler with a 20 LPM channel through 25 mm filter media for collecting ambient PM2.5 samples for the IMPROVE program. This sampler provides additional 6.7 LPM channels onto 47-mm filter media for the US-EPA Speciation Network.

Toxics Air Sampler:

Met One Instruments, Inc. offers a multi-channel ambient sampler for toxics sampling according to US-EPA TOC or Compendium Methods for aldehydes/ketones, hexavalent chromium (Cr6) and VOCs. In addition to offering 4 filter-based channels, the sampler can also control several SUMMA canisters.

For application information, feel free to download the:

Black and Organic Carbon Brochure

Black and Organic Carbon Informational Brochure

SASS View South

Pictured here is Met One’s SASS Speciation Sampler being used for pesticide sampling

Speciation Particulate Matter Monitors & Samplers Products:

  • BC 1054 Black Carbon Analyzer

    The Met One Instruments BC 1054 Multi-spectrum Black Carbon Analyzer continuously measures the transmittance of light across filter media onto which particulate matter is accumulating and in real-time calculates the black-carbon “BC” concentrations at 10 different wavelengths ranging from the...

  • SASS and SUPER SASS Speciation Sampler

    Met One’s Speciation Samplers are designed to comply with and exceed EPA Speciation requirements. Two models provide a choice for compliance monitoring: SASS, a 5 channel sampling system; and SUPER SASS, an 8 channel, multiple event, sampling system. The SASS...

  • E-Sampler Dual Ambient Monitor/Sampler

    Our E-SAMPLER is the most feature-packed light-scatter Aerosol Monitor available. Whatever your monitoring needs, the E-sampler will provide accurate, dependable and relevant data.

  • BC-1060 - Met One Instruments

    BC 1060

    Our BC-1060 portable black carbon monitor measures and reports black carbon concentrations, with user-selectable time resolution down to one minute, at both UV (370 nm) and IR (880 nm) illumination wavelengths. The combination of portability and dual-wavelength illumination permits rapid,...

  • CCS COMET Cloud Service - Met One Instruments

    CCS COMET Cloud+ Service

    Met One Instruments’ COMET Cloud Plus+ (CCS) is a cellular modem and cloud data service package which is directly compatible with a variety of air quality and meteorological sensors. The CCS modem is available for 4G LTE Domestic and GSM/...

  • Swift 6.0 Flow Meter

    The Swift 6.0 is a multi-function Flow Meter specifically designed for accurate low rate measurements. The device’s easy to read display shows Flow Rate, Flow Temperature and Ambient Pressure. Flow measurements are traceable to our NIST standard and Certification is...

  • Met One Comet Software

    Comet Software

    Comet software is a utility for extracting information (data, alarms, settings, etc.) from Met One Instruments’ products. The software is designed for the user to easily access information within a product without having to know underlying communications protocol for that...

  • Air Plus Software

    Air Plus software includes all of the functions required for the collection, viewing of data, and production of both tabular and graphic reports needed by most users of an air quality or other environmental monitoring system. It is designed for...

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