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Met One Instruments, Inc. Air Quality Tools for HVAC Operations

Ensure Efficiency & Optimal Air Quality in HVAC

Met One Instruments, Inc. offers selected weather sensors and handheld airborne particle and dust monitors to ensure HVAC systems work smoothly and efficiently. Our meteorological instruments measuring wind, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure can help a smart system know when and how to operate.

Met One Instruments, Inc.’s handheld devices, which utilize light scatter technology, are an affordable way to monitor suspended particulate in the system to help ensure it is running cleanly and efficiently. In addition, data obtained from our particle counters and monitors can help determine when maintenance is needed—whether that be duct cleaning, a filter change, or other intervention.

Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation units and their ducts can be sources of mold, fungi, and other microbial pollutants, dust particles, secondary smoke, and other organic material. Testing and cleaning HVAC systems and ductwork is achieved through various methods. Typically, the “loosened” particulate matter is drawn throughout the HVAC systems before and after cleaning. Indoor air quality in an HVAC application can be quickly determined before and after the cleaning process with a particle counter. A particle counter can also assess equipment performance and aid in equipment inspection. Our handheld models 804 or GT-324 are instrumental in HVAC applications.

HVAC Products:

  • Aerocet 532 Handheld Particle Monitor

    Meet the Aerocet 532 Handheld Particle Monitor from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem. The Aerocet 532 particle monitor has been optimized in functionality and ease of use with a 2.8″ TFT full-color LCD display, making accurate measurement readings and...

  • Aerocet 831 Handheld Aerosol Mass Monitor

    The Aerocet 831 from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem is a completely portable, full–featured, battery operated, handheld mass monitor for indoor air quality monitoring. This device simultaneously provides five critical air particulate mass ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, &...

  • GT-324 Handheld Particle Counter

    The Model GT-324 Handheld Particle Counter from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem is a full-featured handheld particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit in a portable package. A fully integrated RH/Temp sensor immediately provides data to...

  • 804 Model Handheld Particle Counter

    The Model 804 Handheld Particle Counter from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem is a 4-channel portable particle counter that counts particles 0.3 microns to 10.0 microns – giving you portability and reliability at very competitive pricing. Though compact, this...

  • The Dock, Handheld Particle Counter Docking Station

    The Dock docking station from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem is a power and communications accessory for select handheld indoor air quality monitoring devices. Compatible with the new generation of MOI handheld particle counters, including the Aerocet 532 and...

  • The ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor

    Remote Dust Monitor ES-642

    Met One Instruments’ ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor is an industrial air-quality sensor designed to provide real time particle concentration measurements in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our ES-642 measures particulate concentration using a highly sensitive forward scatter laser nephelometer, which...

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