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People Spend on Average Approximately 90% of Their Time Indoors

What is in the Air You are Breathing?



A particle counter or dust monitor can offer a portable solution for determining airborne particle concentrations and is an essential tool in facility maintenance, HVAC, and any IAQ professional’s toolbox. From filter testing to indoor air quality investigations, the particle counter equips the user with valuable data concerning the concentration and source of particulates in the tested environment. Such equipment can provide an immediate response to occupant complaints or be used as part of a comprehensive preventative maintenance program.


The demand for accurate and reliable indoor air quality instrumentation continues to grow as we spend more time indoors than ever before. However, indoor air quality issues can be complex due to the diversity of indoor environments. Assessment of the air quality in your indoor environment should begin with quality, professional-grade monitors. Met One has a diverse offering of instruments to do the job, such as the Aerocet-831, the 804, and the GT-324. Particle counts and mass concentration readings are critical to determining the overall air quality in indoor settings. We offer a handheld device capable of calculating both in our ALL-NEW Aerocet 532.








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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Products:

  • Aerocet 380 Portable Dust Monitor

    The Met One Instruments, Inc Aerocet 380 is a nephelometer that offers real-time airborne TSP (total suspended particulate) concentration levels using the principle of forward-laser light scatter. This instrument is ideal for sampling in any indoor workplace or public place...

  • Aerocet 532 Handheld Particle Monitor

    Meet the newest addition to the Met One Instruments, Inc. lineup of handheld particle monitors: the Aerocet 532. This particle monitor has been optimized in functionality and ease of use with a 2.8″ TFT full-color LCD display, making accurate measurement...

  • GT-324 Handheld Particle Counter

    Met One Instruments, Inc.’s Model GT-324 particle counter is a full-featured handheld particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit in a portable package. A fully integrated RH/Temp sensor immediately provides data to your displayed and logged data....

  • Aerocet 831 Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Aerocet 831 Handheld Aerosol Mass Monitor

    The Aerocet 831 is a completely portable, full–featured, battery operated, handheld mass monitor. This device simultaneously provides five critical mass ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 & TSP) in one minute from start up. Survey the environment with the easy to...

  • Model 804 Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Handheld Particle Counter Model 804

    Met One Instruments’ 804 handheld particle counter is a 4-channel portable particle counter that counts particles 0.3 microns to 10.0 microns – giving you portability and reliability at very competitive pricing. Though compact, this unit is completely self-contained with its...

  • The Dock, Handheld Particle Counter Docking Station

    The Dock, Met One Instruments, Inc.’s ALL-NEW docking station is a power and communication accessory for select handheld devices. Compatible with the new generation of MOI handheld particle counters, including the Aerocet 532 and DR-528, The Dock will charge the...

  • Particle View RT Software

    Particle View RT software includes all of the functions required for recording real time data, viewing data (both real time and historical), and producing tabular and graphic reports needed for most users of clean rooms and controlled environments. It is...

  • Particle View Software

    Particle View software includes all of the functions required for the downloading, viewing of data, and production of both tabular and graphic reports. It is designed for use with the Met One Instruments, Inc. line of hand held and bench top...

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