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ES-405 Simultaneous Particulate Profiler

The ES-405 is a near reference air quality sensor designed to provide accurate real-time measurements of TSP*, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, and PM1 particulate concentrations simultaneously. It reports these five key particulate concentrations in both indoor and outdoor environments. The rugged weatherproof enclosure allows use in the harshest environments for reliable continuous outdoor operation, and the inlet heater reduces moisture-related measurement error. The sensor incorporates sheath air to prevent particles from contaminating the internal optics of the sensor. The ES-405 can be wall-mounted or installed on a vertical mast.

*TSP Measurements are indicative.

➡️ Ask About the AQ EAGLE System: A preconfigured air monitoring solution utilizing the ES-405, offering real-time data reporting to the Cloud, accessible from any smart device. With 5 different environmental measurements, the AQ EAGLE is an ideal solution for dispersion modeling, roadside monitoring, environmental surveys, and more!

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All ES-405 Particulate Profilers are manufactured at an ISO-9001 facility.

Calibrations are performed to NIST traceable standards.

Data Collection

Data output can be configured as fast as each minute or with longer averaging intervals. Send data directly to the cloud for remote download and analysis with a CCS Modem 2 accessory. External meteorological sensors can be connected to the unit.



• External Power Cable
• USB Cable
• Weatherproof TSP inlet with debris screen
• Mounting Bracket


• CCS Comet Cloud Modem
• AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor
• MSO Weather Sensor
• Tripod
• RS232 Communication Cable
• RS485 Communication Cable


Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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