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Industrial Hygiene is the field of science developed to protect and promote people’s health at work and in their communities. As a branch of Public Health, it is a protective umbrella science that defensively covers hazards like noise, chemicals, and pollutants—both biological and human-made— and offensively streamlining processes and best practices for standardized safety systems, efficiency, and comfort. Industrial Hygiene is about keeping people safe and adequately cared for.

Trained professionals who work in this industry are called Industrial Hygienists, and they are critical to the implementation and consistency of maintaining these practices. It is their job to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and respond to any hazards and ensure the well-being of people at work, in the community, and at home. Other trained professionals working in this field include toxicologists, chemists, physicians, engineers, and other specialized scientists. Industrial Hygiene may also go by different terms such as Occupational Health, Occupational Hygiene, or Environment, Health & Safety (EHS).


Continuing with our mission to help improve everyone’s quality of life, Met One Instruments, Inc. is proud to offer several air and environmental monitoring solutions to make the job of Industrial Hygienists easier. Air quality in a space will directly impact the health and wellness of people in that space. Factors affecting air quality may include dust, aerosols, environmental contaminants, and emissions hazards. Our goal is to provide highly accurate, simple to operate, reliable particulate matter measurement instrumentation to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality. Equipped with precise air particulate data, Industrial Hygienists can make informed decisions about what steps should be taken to protect and promote people’s health. 

The all-new Aerocet 532 is an ideal airborne particle measurement tool for Industrial Hygienists looking to monitor indoor air quality, controlled environments, process control, emission sourcing, and filter or compliance testing. Not only does this handheld device function as a particle counter, but it also doubles as a particulate mass monitor measuring eight channels simultaneously with excellent internal data storage. Need a stationary solution for indoor air quality? Met One’s BT-645 benchtop particle counter offers real-time monitoring and data-logging in a rugged, easy to operate and transport package. Our ES-642 remote dust monitor offers excellent flexibility as an indoor/outdoor solution for many applications, particularly well-suited to industrial settings.


In specific situations, the weather may also play a direct role in the air quality of a space or location. Industrial Hygienists can count on Met One Instruments, Inc. to provide comprehensive solutions involving particulate and meteorological measurements in any weather condition—rain or shine, drought or deluge. Meteorological parameters include measurement of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation, visibility, and solar radiation. The new AQ EAGLE is an excellent outdoor solution for Industrial Hygienists, which measures four different PM channels simultaneously while also reporting five crucial environmental parameters allowing the user to calculate particulate matter dispersion. When the wind changes, so should your plan for protection. 

Met One Instruments, Inc. offers the longest-lasting, highest-performing measurement equipment for ambient air monitoring, with ongoing after-sale support to ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, our trusted Service department provides continuing calibration and repair services to extend the life of each product. Many of our instruments have been in the field for well over twenty years. We build our instrumentation with pride and integrity, utilizing quality components to ensure longevity. 

All instrumentation is designed, assembled, and tested at our manufacturing facilities in Grants Pass, Oregon, where consistency of process and value ensure total customer satisfaction. Our experienced corporate team, consisting of more than 100 valued employees, has given Met One Instruments a reputation for quality and integrity. Industrial Hygienists can rely on our reputation to help get the job done right to safeguard people where airborne particulate matter may impact health and safety.

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