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LVS-100 Low-Volume Air Sampler

Introducing the LVS-100 from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem. The LVS-100 is a flexible micro-sampling platform for PM2.5, PM10and TSP, and offers basic meteorological parameters.

The LVS-100 Low Volume Air Sampler provides a flexible sampling platform for PM10, PM2.5, or TSP particulates as well as basic meteorological parameters.

The LVS-100 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The LVS-100 unit is microprocessor controlled and uses a mass flow sensor in conjunction with ambient temperature and pressure sensors to automatically maintain a constant volumetric flow rate.

Data Collection

Measurements consistent with*

  • PM10 AS 3580.9.9 2017
  • PM2.5 AS 3580.9.10 2017

* Keywood et al. (2000) CSIRO Atmospheric Research, ‘Testing a low-cost aerosol sampler’, Clean Air and Environmental Quality, Vol 34 No 4, pp. 38-42.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Indoor sampling:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Quiet operation – ideal for indoor air quality studies.
  • Volumetric flow control automatically corrected to standard reference temperature.
  • Ultra-efficient, long life DC pump delivers flow rates of 1.0 to 4.5 L/min.

Outdoor sampling:

  • Wind direction and speed used to activate/deactivate sampler.
  • Fence line monitoring available with a network of samplers.
  • Built for all conditions — lightweight, rugged, weatherproof construction.
  • Can operate via battery or solar power sources (optional).

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