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BAM 1022 PLUS Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor

Our new BAM 1022 PLUS is the most sensitive Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor ever made!

The BAM 1022 PLUS is a real-time portable EPA Class III FEM beta attenuation mass monitor which continuously measures the mass concentration of ambient particulate matter collected onto PTFE filter tape with time resolution of one-minute. With its new high-powered detection sensor technology, the BAM 1022 PLUS monitor is the most sensitive and accurate beta attenuation monitor available on the market.

With tightening EPA standards for PM2.5, monitoring networks require monitors capable of detecting and quantifying lower levels of PM2.5 in the ambient air. This necessitates monitoring technology with increased sensitivity, achieving lower limits of detection, namely the BAM 1022 PLUS from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem.

The BAM 1022 PLUS has US-EPA designation for PM2.5 (EQPM-1013-209) for which a dedicated hourly output channel is available. A second, real-time output channel is able to provide the user with continuous PM updates down to 1-minute time resolution.


  • Continuous measurement of PM2.5 that provides high accuracy & minimal measurement artifacts.
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface.
  • Integrated lightweight weatherproof enclosure.
  • Unsurpassed accuracy and performance, even under high ambient dew point operation.
  • Advanced communications features allowing remote operation and cloud-based communication.
  • Advanced diagnostics.
  • Much higher sensitivity than all other commercially available beta attenuation mass monitors.
  • Meteorological and other sensor inputs.


Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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