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5980 Radiation Shield

Radiation Shield 074

Met One Radiation Shields reduce errors in temperature and relative humidity measurements that are caused by direct solar radiation. They are constructed of a series of white aluminum concentric plates, which allow air flow to pass through the shield, while blocking direct solar rays. This shielding minimizes the effects of solar and terrestrial radiation and provides accurate measurements.

Based on a common multi-plate design, the 5980 Shield consists of 6 spun aluminum shields. The multiple shields provide for natural air flow aspiration of the probe. The shield is designed for mounting on a vertical pipe or tower leg. The mounting arm can also be mounted on a horizontal pipe by moving the mounting hardware to an alternate position on the mounting arm.

The 5980 Radiation Shield is designed for use with the 064 Temperature Sensors or the 083E Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensors.


  • Accommodates RH and temperature sensors
  • Requires no power
  • Easily mounted


Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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