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CAL-301 Top-of-the-Line Gas Dilution Calibrator


The CAL-301 Gas Dilution Calibrator from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem includes a built-in ozone generator and internal zero-air source as well as a compact reference photometer, providing precise feedback control for accurate ozone generation and measuring in one unit.

Ozone generation and measurement are automatically corrected for gas temperature and pressure changes and can be displayed in units of ppm, ppb, ppt, ug/m³, mg/m³, ng/m³.


  • Self-contained transfer standard with ozone photometer, ozone generator, and zero air source in one unit.
  • Measures and generates accurate ozone calibration levels (photometer accuracy: 1.0 ppb or 1 % of reading, ozone generator output 40 to 1000 ppb at 4 LPM).
  • Up to 16 sequences including 32 discreet points.
  • Allows users to perform inter-station calibrations without disrupting station plumbing.
  • Measures internally or externally generated ozone so station ozone generators can be easily calibrated.
  • Internally stored calibration curve generates ozone concentrations when feedback is disabled.
  • Automatically compensates for temperature, pressure, and flow variations to ensure accurate, repeatable readings.
  • Integral output gas manifold allows up to four instruments to be calibrated simultaneously.
  • Data stored on USB memory stick can be retrieved via RS232, USB interface, or the optional Ethernet connection.
  • Connects with Android app via optional Bluetooth for remote programming, viewing, downloading, and emailing.

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