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PARTAC Tactical Particulate Profiler

Met One’s PARTAC Tactical Particulate Profiler (P/N 102686) is a robust size-selective particulate sampler used as an NBC agent alarm trigger, an ambient monitor for public and workplaces, and as a ground-truth reference for the verification of standoff particulate detectors. The PARTAC simultaneously monitors airborne particle counts in up to 8 user-selectable channels.

The PARTAC can be programmed to detect the particulate sizes of toxic NBC agents proven to be aspirated deeply into the lungs. Measuring the particulate counts in real-time, the PARTAC can be used to trigger alarms and activate additional samplers and instrumentation. Its compact size, low power consumption, and continuous duty capability allow it to perform this duty continuously in all environments.

As an ambient monitor, it provides the user with a real-time count of particulates in public or workplaces. Its low noise operation allows it to be placed in work environments without disturbing the personnel in the area being monitored. The PARTAC can also be placed in areas where work is being contemplated to measure the background levels before work begins.

The PARTAC sensor uses a laser diode to illuminate the individual particles drawn into the PARTAC through the sampling inlet by the integral pump and mass flow control system. The laser light scattered at right-angles to the incident light beam is collected and focused onto a photodetector using a high-grade elliptical reflector. The signal strength is detected by state-of-the-art electronics and converted to a set of size values for each detected particle. These counts are classified into the size ranges set by the customer prior to installation, at a rate of up to once per second.

Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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