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Join Met One Instruments Inc. this year at the Heat & Fire Expo to discuss solutions & innovations to combat this category of natural disaster…

“In 2018, over 58,000 wildfires occurred, 8.8 million acres burned, and $24 billion was spent throughout The United States, making the need for education and discussion on the topic of wildfire and heat-related disasters essential.”


Did you know that the Heat and Fire USA trade show is the most informative wildfire prep, management, and recovery event?  Met One Instruments, Inc. is participating this year alongside other exhibitors showcasing the latest tools, strategies, and innovations to combat and mitigate the effects of wildfires. The Heat and Fire USA expo will be held February 7th – 8th, 2022, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

There will be 200 speakers, an expected 5,000 visitors, and 300 exhibitors (visit us at booth 848!). The Heat and Fire Expo will be running alongside the Storm Expo, Flood Expo, and Earthquake Expo. This timely event addressing climate change challenges will highlight innovators transforming different areas of the Risk Management and Disaster Prevention or Recovery industry with “Natural Disaster Innovation Awards.”

The Natural Disaster Industry Awards celebrate the tools, products, innovations, and services that have impacted the industry over the past year.  The industry awards select only a handful of exhibitors providing opportunities, solutions, or prevention ideas to tackle natural disasters — which are becoming far too frequent. 

🏆  The Natural Disaster Awards…

Most Innovative Technology — this award goes to an innovator that has demonstrated exemplary methods and solutions that result in improved management or prevention of damage inflicted by natural disasters, fundamentally bringing about change towards safer and better-prepared communities.”


Life-Saving Solution of the Year — this award is here to credit the innovator with a leading solution in saving lives and minimizing loss before, during, or after the occurrence of a natural disaster. With the ever-present danger created by natural disasters around the globe, it is paramount that industry leaders look to innovations that protect lives, from global projects to devices in the home and much more.” –


Cost-Effective Mitigation Product of the Year — this award goes to the business or agency that provides an accessible and advantageous product or solution that minimizes the disruptive effect that natural disasters can have on daily life. Innovators are encouraged to present a cost-effective mitigation product that has the potential to transform the way communities view mitigation of their homes and businesses against the destructive power of nature.”


Met One Instruments Inc. is honored to be featured on the Heat and Fire Expo blog for our article“Global Wildfire, Air Quality, & Public Health Information 2021,” the beginning of a series addressing catastrophic wildfires. Be sure to check out the substantial amount of information provided by MOI and other industry leaders in this field about this category of natural disasters!

Department of Homeland Security. Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Affairs Division. Prepare for wildfires before they happen. Learn more at ready.gov/wildfires — Photographer Jana Baldwin 15 March 2016


“Natural disasters have become more common and so is the need for innovative products, solutions and technologies to mitigate the damage caused by floods, storms, earthquakes and fires. The Heat and Fire Expo Miami will showcase the latest research based developments, most innovative technology, and analytic tools to effectively measure and manage the risk of disasters”


This event is a destination for thousands of heat experts, fire management suppliers, related government or disaster services. Attendees of the Heat and Fire Expo working in the fire prevention industry will leave with the knowledge and tools they need to protect their communities. Take part in an unparalleled opportunity to meet thousands of the globe’s top suppliers of fire prevention or data collection suppliers.

Exceptional keynote speakers will be offering sessions speaking about their cause or product. Learn about the most up-to-date information about heat and fire pertaining to climate change. The seminar sessions will cover every aspect of fire detection, prevention, heat protection, insurance, and disaster relief. You will have an opportunity to ask questions at the thought-provoking panel discussions — get your question answered directly by an expert!  

The Heat and Fire Expo is also an excellent opportunity to network with leaders in our industry. Solutions and innovation stem from discussion within masterminds in a discipline. If you have a new idea, business tip, or are trying to source a product, it would behoove you to take advantage of the tremendous power of networking at this event. 

View from the Met One office overlooking the valley in Grants Pass during the Taylor Creek Fire, 2018 (Top) Taylor Creek fire, 16 km west of Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, 2018 (Bottom)


Located in Grants Pass, Oregon, our staff at Met One Instruments Inc. has witnessed firsthand how this trend of out-of-control wildfires affects our daily lives and, more importantly, the air we breathe. Wildfire activity has become not only a national crisis here in the United States; we also want to recognize that this is a global crisis. MOI works with countries worldwide, which prompted us to consider, “what can we do to help?”

Ultimately, the data we provide for clients that use our air quality measurement products serves communities and firefighters across the globe. With our expertise as a leader in the air quality industry during these tumultuous times, we feel a duty and obligation to provide you with the best resources about the subject of wildfires in 2021.

Wildfires in the United States and worldwide are growing out of hand each and every summer — even stretching into the fall and winter as the effects of climate change progress. In 2021, more than 34,000 wildfires burned over 2 million acres of land.  That is the most wildfire activity recorded since 2011. This kind of devastation is not sustainable. 

Heatwaves causing heat domes over areas is another very real concern worldwide. This past year, the most devastating heatwave in modern history engulfed the Pacific Northwest in June 2021 — a region this type of event is highly out of the norm to experience.  It was reported that this historic heatwave, causing a massive heat dome, accounted for at least 600 known deaths due to heat exposure.


“A heat dome is effectively what it sounds like—an area of high pressure that parks over a region like a lid on a pot, trapping heat. Research from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows they are more likely to form during La Niña years like 2021 when waters are cool in the eastern Pacific and warm in the western Pacific. That temperature difference creates winds that blow dense, tropical, western air eastward. Eventually, that warm air gets trapped in the jet stream—a current of air spinning counterclockwise around the globe—and ends up on the U.S. West Coast.”

National Geographic
Forest fire at Umatilla National Forest. Photo by Brendan O’Reilly. “Lick” refers to the place where the wildfire occurred, the Lick Creek 16 July 2021 Author — U.S. Forest Service- Pacific Northwest Region

📋  Wildfire Facts

🆘 According to a report released August 6th, 2021, by the Federation of American Scientists, 88% of wildfires in 2016-2018 were caused by humans.

🆘 The Chief of the National Forest Service released a statement on August 2, 2021, calling the 2021 wildfire season “Different from any year before… In short, we are in a national crisis,” due to the number of fires and personnel sent to respond being three times the national average compared to the past 10-years.

🆘 Scientists are alarmed by the record-setting rate of annual fire-related carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere in Siberia and that wildfires in that region are devouring large areas of the Taiga boreal forest, the world’s largest land biome.

🆘 Particulate matter created during wildfires is the primary concern to public health. The smallest reported size, known as PM2.5, is the principal air pollutant of concern. Even short-term exposure to airborne PM2.5 particles from wildfires can increase your risk of premature death, and exposure to high concentrations can cause phlegm, wheezing, persistent cough, and difficulty breathing.

🆘 Environmental or socio-economic impacts from wildfires in the United States and worldwide have already been steadily increasing over the past several decades. Scientists estimate that wildfires emitted around 8 billion tons of CO2 per year for at least the past two decades. In 2017, even before the catastrophic fires of 2018, total global CO2 emissions reached 32.5 billion tons, according to the International Energy Agency.

🆘 What about the costs? According to data from the National Interagency Fire Center, federal wildfire suppression costs in the United States have spiked from an annual average of approximately $425 million from 1985 to 1999 to $1.6 billion from 2000 to 2019.  These numbers do not include the cost of rebuilding lost communities.

🆘 Another environmental concern — the smoke and ash from wildfires contaminate drinking water.  Did you know that approximately half of the water supply in the southwestern United States comes from natural sources in our forests?

💡 Would you like more information about wildfires?  Check out the resources listed at the end of this article!


Met One Instruments, Inc. designs and manufactures precision particulate measurement devices.  Our company develops meteorological sensors, including integrated systems for customers to meet local or national industrial standards for emergency response, regulatory safety, quality of life, and other applications. 

MOI is one of the most established and experienced instrument manufacturers in the USA, known for quality, precision monitors and samplers used by governments, research institutes, and industry professionals worldwide.  Met One Instruments exceeds the high standard required by our clients. Our instrumentation is specially engineered for use in the most challenging environmental and weather conditions. 

➡️ For the 2022 Heat & Fire Expo, Met One Instruments, Inc. will spotlight our air quality monitors and samplers that perform optimally in the face of extreme heat & wildfires.

Our products are invaluable tools for emergency response situations — Cloud modem compatible for rapid data transmission. Forest fires, structure fires, or industrial accidents can lead to the release of massive amounts of particulate matter into the air. These events imperil the health of residents and emergency responders. The unplanned nature of such events makes it difficult to set up air quality monitoring equipment to accurately assess health threats to the surrounding community. The E-BAM is the only portable beta gauge available that may be quickly and economically operated on battery or solar power.

If EPA-designated measurements are required — either the BAM-1022 or the E-BAM PLUS can be quickly deployed. Beta Attenuation Mass Monitors “BAMs” are the standard for continuous ambient particulate mass measurement in air quality monitoring because of their simplicity, reliability, and unsurpassed accuracy. Almost all large air quality monitoring networks worldwide use BAMs for this reason.

➡️  The BAM-1022 represents the future of regulatory air quality monitoring. It is self-contained, requiring no shelter or enclosure.

This feature relieves the need for space, power, additional expense, and the hassle of setting up an environmentally controlled shelter on-site to perform a simple PM measurement. Unlike most air quality monitors, which are generally set up and complete their measurements at or near room temperature inside a shelter or enclosure, the BAM-1022 performs its measurement under near-ambient conditions. This approach can improve the accuracy of the measurement.

Met One also offers low-cost optical technology for use in quick-deployment emergencies. A few of our low-cost sensors include the ALL-NEW ES-412 Portable Simultaneous Particulate Profiler, which measures PM2.5 and PM10, the E-Sampler Dual Ambient Monitor/Sampler, which provides rugged electronic stability and rapidly deploys, and the AQ Eagle Air Quality Monitoring System, which measures 4 PM sizes simultaneously and in real-time. 

The AQ Eagle also provides environmental parameters, including wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and relative humidity, ideal for dispersion modeling. When the winds change, so should your plan of attack.  Visit our website www.metone.com or stop by our booth #848 in Miami at the convention to learn more!

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