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E-SEQ-FRM Sequential Reference Method Sampler

The Met One Instruments, Inc. E-SEQ-FRM Reference Method meets the regulatory requirements for PM2.5, PM10 and PM10-2.5 sampling methods. The E-SEQ-FRM accommodates up to sixteen (16) 47-mm diameter filter samples and may be pre-programmed to a flexible, user-defined sampling schedule permitting more than 2 weeks of unattended daily operation. The E-SEQ-FRM is modular in design, and may be easily disassembled and transported from one site to another. Its compact design and small footprint and allows it to be moved in and out of locations with challenging ingress/egress. No disassembled component: system box, stand, or inlet assembly weighs more than 45 lb. The E-SEQ-FRM offers an easy, intuitive event manager that permits programming of up to 16 independent sampling events. Optional modem/communication package allows for remote access of stored data via RS232 interface. Data is also quickly and easily retrieved with a USB flash drive.


  • Regulatory criteria reference sampler networks: federal, state, local.
  • Academic Studies
  • Remote Sampling Applications
  • Comparative Studies


Method: Multi-event, sequential sampling of ambient air onto filter media
Regulatory Designations: US-EPA PM2.5 For US-EPA PM2.5 and PM10-2.5 sampling: Teflon 2μm pore size membrane filter (regulation required). For US-EPA PM10 reference sampling Pallflex TX-40 quartz filter and Teflon media.
Sample flow: Active flow control for 16.67 LPM. Sampled volume reported under actual and standard conditions
Calibration: Temperature, barometric pressure and multi-point flow.
Internal Data Storage: More than 130 days of interval data with 5 minute time resolution 132 filter records
Data Input/Output Keypad/display for data retrieval and programming. RS232, USB serial and USB flash drive interface for data download
Operational Temperature: -40°C to +50°C
Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 1.4 amps
Physical Dimensions (inches) without PM10 inlet attached: System/Pump: 14.4 (w) x 14 (d) x 27 (h) Stand (at base) 24.5 (w) x 23.5 (d) x 29.6 (h) Total (at base) 23.5 (w) x 24.5 (d) x 56.6 (h)
Weight: System/Pump 45 lb Stand 10.5 lb PM
10 Inlet 5.3 lb

Specifications are subject to change at any time

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