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Model 212 Ambient Particulate Profiler

Ambient profiling of aerosol particulates has been simplified by the Met One Instruments, Inc. Model 212 Ambient Particulate Profiler. The 212 sizes and counts particles in eight digital bins and reports the information on command. Each of the eight channels may be field configured to customer requirements.


Using a laser-diode-based optical sensor, the 212 uses light scatter technology to detect, size, and count particles. This measured information is output as particles per size range.


Installation is quick and easy for the 212 particle counter. It can be mounted on a tripod or pole, wall-mounted, or bench-mounted. With its rugged, weatherproof enclosure, one can install the 212 in most outdoor environments.

Data is calculated every sample period and downloaded through the serial cable. The data can be captured by any serial device, such as a computer, tablet, or data logger, and may then be analyzed using standard programs such as excel.

With the included software package, data is automatically saved in real-time. This software allows remote control of the 212 through a hardwired connection to a computer. Sample time, date/time, unit ID, rolling averages, alarm levels, start and stop, and reset commands can all be executed from a computer with the provided software. This measured information is output as particle count per size range.

A Remarkably Flexible, Higher Performance Instrument Featuring:

• Eight Real-Time Channels
• Self-Contained
• Low-Power
• Low-Cost
• 0.3µm to 10µm (typical) Range
• Simple Operation
• Weatherproof Package
• Sheath Air Technology

Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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