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Taking Appropriate Precautions, Met One Instruments, Inc. will be Exhibiting In-Person at IAQA 2022!

Met One Instruments, Inc. is excited to be presenting at the Indoor Air Quality Association Expo, which is being held in Tucson, Arizona, this February 22nd-25th in 2022!  You might be asking yourself, “what is Indoor Air Quality in the first place?”  More on that later.  Or, if you are a part of the industry, perhaps you are asking, “why should I attend?”If so, we will fill you in on why being active with the IAQA is essential.


The IAQA is the only trade organization in the air quality industry that focuses on connecting all parts of the IAQ industry to benefit consumers and the public.  This association, established in 1995, is dedicated to preventing and solving indoor environmental problems.

The IAQA also provides an incredible amount of resources, education, and networking opportunities to anyone looking to further their knowledge or growth potential in the IAQ industry.  Whether a sole-proprietor, consultant, or a corporation –– we encourage you to join us in taking part in the IAQA community.

“The Indoor Air Quality Association is the leading organization dedicated to developing, educating, and supporting our multi-disciplinary membership to identify and resolve indoor environmental challenges.” –– IAQA Mission Statement


This year the annual IAQA Expo is held at the beautiful Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.  Featured education programs will cover topics such as chemical contaminants, infectious diseases, regulations/standards, and IAQ building management.  The expo also offers excellent networking opportunities to connect with other people in the indoor air quality industry.  Learning from others and collaboration is vital if we are to address modern IAQ concerns. 

“This conference has something for everyone, from seasoned indoor air quality professionals to those new to our industry.” –– IAQA Annual Meeting 2022  


“The 2022 IAQA Annual Meeting & Expo is your opportunity to access unparalleled technical education, top-notch networking, and a program that is more robust than ever with many new speakers!

Join your colleagues at the only multi-disciplinary event dedicated to bringing together contractors, consultants, and other professionals across the entire spectrum of the indoor air quality industry to share their insights, ideas, and innovations.” –– IAQA Annual Meeting 2022

You should attend this IAQ Expo if you or your company is involved in indoor air testing, remediation, HVAC maintenance, or building management.  If any of the categories below apply to you or your role at a company, please join us. Registration starts in mid-November 2021!

➡️ Mold 

➡️ Asbestos 

➡️ Indoor Air Quality

➡️ Chemicals (carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead paint, etc.)

➡️ Radon

➡️ Cannabis


➡️ Building Science

➡️ Industry Standards & Government Regulations

➡️ Infectious Diseases

➡️ Health & Wellness

➡️ Natural Disasters


If you’re new here and are wondering what exactly is “Indoor Air Quality” or why you should be concerned about it in the first place, check out our series of articles on the subject. “Indoor Air Quality 101: Everything you need to know. about indoor air quality.”Please also read our two-part series released this month to celebrate Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month examining recent studies released about the subject.  Thank you for visiting!

📋 Our Company, Met One Instruments Inc., has been a leader in the development of precision air monitoring sensors since 1989. 

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