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Swift 25.0

Swift 25.0 Flow Calibrator

The Swift 25.0 is a multi-function, truly portable flow calibrator.

Specifically designed to audit and calibrate flow, pressure, and temperature of our higher flow rate ambient air sampling and monitoring instruments.

Flow accuracy is NIST traceable.


This user-friendly calibration tool features an easy-to-read display, simple user interface, and is packaged in a lightweight and compact size.  The Swift 25.0 is a truly portable device.  Additional features include:
  • A portable carrying case and supplied accessories.
  • Detachable, external ambient temperature probe.
  • One-button operation.
  • Sunlight-readable backlit display.
  • Data logging for all values with a quick press of the power button.
  • Optional Bluetooth connection to portable device for remote display, downloading data, and setup.
  • Can be used with any FEM/FRM or other higher flow rate monitors, flow range 2 – 25 LPM.

The Swift 25.0 Mobile App is available for download on Apple and Android devices:

Swift Application Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Available Here: https://metone.com/swift-app-terms-conditions/


The Swift 25.0 is ideal for use with all standard FRM and FEM ambient air samplers and monitors, including Met One products:


Specifications are subject to change at any time.
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