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Industrial Weather Station

Industrial Weather Stations from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem are configured to provide plant operators with the weather data needed for operations, regulatory compliance, safety, and emergency response. The systems use reliable and accurate sensors to measure the weather variables of interest. Depending on output/input requirements, the data logger outputs either an analog voltage or digital RS-232 / RS-485 in ASCII or MODBUS format, or 4 -20 mA current loop for connection to the plant’s DCS, PLC’s, or SCADA system. The data logger will also store the data and, if required, perform computational preprocessing such as averages, standard deviations, maximum/minimum, as well as providing certain control and alarm functions including E-mail and text alerts.

Air Quality Weather Station


  • Complete Integrated, Tested, Documented System.
  • Reliable, Proven Sensors.
  • Analog Voltage or Serial RS-232C or RS-422/485.
  • MODBUS protocol.
  • Optional Current Loop Output to DCS, PLC’s, or SCADA.
  • Low Power.
  • Cloud Data Handling and Alert Options.


  • Wind speed.
  • Wind direction.
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Relative humidity.
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Rain (optional).
  • Solar radiation (optional).
  • Visibility (optional).

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