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monitor facility functions and process controls

In certain manufacturing processes, reducing the number of airborne particles is critical. Yields drop dramatically when components and processes interact with dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and trace moisture. To minimize defects and ensure consistent quality, Met One Instruments offers a range of portable and small footprint particle counters and mass monitors. These devices are used to monitor facility functions and process controls. They are often an essential element of manufacturing quality assurance and control programs. Our models meet ISO 14644-1:2015 criteria and can be used in Class 3 through Class 9 cleanrooms. Certain models also meet the requirements for the Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products per EU GMP Annex I (EMEA) by meeting Grade A through D size and count requirements.

What are the EPA’s Five Levels of Particulate Monitoring Performance?

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Manufacturing & Industrial Products:

  • E-BAM Plus - Met One Instruments

    E-BAM PLUS Portable Environmental Beta-Attentuation Mass Monitor

    The Met One Instruments, Inc. E-BAM Plus is a portable, real-time beta gauge which has EPA Approval for PM10 particulate measurements. The E-BAM Plus will satisfy users, regulators and those from the health community by providing truly accurate, precise, real...

  • E-BAM - Met One Instruments

    E-BAM Portable Environmental Beta-Attentuation Mass Monitor

    The Met One Instruments E-BAM is in a class of its own as a portable, real-time beta gauge, which is comparable to U.S. EPA methods for PM2.5 and PM10 particulate measurements. The E-BAM has been built to satisfy users, regulators, and those...

  • E-Sampler Dual Ambient Monitor/Sampler

    Our E-SAMPLER is the most feature-packed light-scatter Aerosol Monitor available. Whatever your monitoring needs, the E-sampler will provide accurate, dependable and relevant data.

  • AQ EAGLE Air Monitoring System

    Met One Instruments, Inc. AQ EAGLE is a system utilizing our ES-405 Particulate Profiler. The ES-405 continuously samples ambient air and reports particulate mass concentrations simultaneously and in real time for PM10, PM4, PM2.5 and PM1. Our ES-405 is ideal...

  • ES-412

    NEW ES-412 Portable Simultaneous Particulate Profiler

    Introducing the newest addition to Met One Instruments, Inc. line of Localized Particulate Monitors, the ES-412 Portable Simultaneous Particulate Profiler. As a Near-FEM (Federal Equivalent Method) product, the ES-412 provides the quality and day-to-day stability consistent with EPA quality objectives....

  • BT-645 Portable Dust Monitor - Met One Instruments

    BT-645 Portable Dust Monitor

    Met One Instruments’ BT‐645 Portable Dust Monitor has been designed to continuously measure and record particulate information for indoor work place and public space environments. Our BT-645 optical sensor, matched electronics and backlit display, are enclosed in a rugged metal...

  • The ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor

    ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor

    Met One Instruments’ ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor is an industrial air-quality sensor designed to provide real time particle concentration measurements in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our ES-642 measures particulate concentration using a highly sensitive forward scatter laser nephelometer, which...

  • BT-620 Bench-Top Particle Counter

    BT-620 Bench-Top Particle Counter

    Our BT-620 Bench-Top Particle Counter provides a full feature set in a lightweight convenient size. This Counter monitors 6 particle sizes, includes a built-in printer, is battery or AC operated in a stainless-steel case. The 620 flow rate is 1.0...

  • BT-610 Bench-Top Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    BT-610 Bench-Top Particle Counter

    The BT-610 is a compact battery-operated particle counter with six selectable size channels and built-in printer all housed in a portable stainless-steel case. Flow rate is 0.1 cfm (2.83 lpm) and is maintained with volumetric flow control for improved accuracy.

  • GT-526S Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    GT-526S Handheld Particle Counter

    Met One Instruments’ GT-526S is a full-featured, six-channel battery-operated, portable particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit with the convenience of a handheld. The six-channels can be configured to factory calibrated standard sizes or user defined custom...

  • GT-521S Handheld Particle Counter

    The GT-521S is a full-featured, battery-operated, portable particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit with the convenience of a handheld. This powerful device supports cumulative or differential counts, standard concentrations, total counts and count alarms. It can...

  • GT-324 Handheld Particle Counter

    Met One Instruments, Inc.’s Model GT-324 particle counter is a full-featured handheld particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit in a portable package. A fully integrated RH/Temp sensor immediately provides data to your displayed and logged data....

  • Model 804 Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Model 804 Handheld Particle Counter

    Met One Instruments’ 804 handheld particle counter is a 4-channel portable particle counter that counts particles 0.3 microns to 10.0 microns – giving you portability and reliability at very competitive pricing. Though compact, this unit is completely self-contained with its...

  • Aerocet 531S Handheld Particle Counter

    Aerocet 531S Handheld Particle Counter

    The Aerocet 531S is a full–featured, completely portable, battery operated, handheld mass monitor or particle counter. This unit provides particle counts or mass PM measurements as stored data logged values, real-time networked data, or printed results.

  • Aerocet 831 Handheld Particle Counter - Met One Instruments

    Aerocet 831 Handheld Particle Counter

    The Aerocet 831 is a completely portable, full–featured, battery operated, handheld mass monitor. This device simultaneously provides five critical mass ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 & TSP) in one minute from start up. Survey the environment with the easy to...

  • Industrial Weather Station

    Met One Instruments’ Industrial Weather Stations are configured to provide plant operators with the weather data needed for operations, regulatory compliance, safety and emergency response. The systems use reliable and accurate sensors to measure the weather variables of interest. Depending...

  • Petroleum Refinery Weather Station

    Petroleum Refinery Weather Station

    Met One Instruments, Inc.’s Petroleum Refinery Weather Stations are specifically designed to comply with the updated CFR part 63 monitoring requirements at petroleum refineries. The stations are available in pre-packaged configurations for fastest delivery, and easily customized with additional sensors...

  • AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor - Met One Instruments

    AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor

    The AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor is a complete, high performance weather sensor using Met One Instruments’ proven 2D sonic technology. This technology provides reference grade accuracy without moving parts and includes a built-in compass used for automatic magnetic north...

  • CCS COMET Cloud Service - Met One Instruments

    CCS COMET Cloud+ Service

    Met One Instruments’ COMET Cloud Plus+ (CCS) is a cellular modem and cloud data service package which is directly compatible with a variety of air quality and meteorological sensors. The CCS modem is available for 4G LTE Domestic and GSM/...

  • 597 Temperature/Relative Humidity/Pressure Sensor

    597A Temperature/Relative Humidity/Pressure Sensor

    The 597 is an integrated Temperature, Relative Humidity and Pressure measurement sensor. All sensing elements are of the highest quality and are specifically designed for continuous duty in hostile environments. The temperature sensor utilizes platinum RTD class 1/3B. Relative Humidity...

  • 034B Wind Sensor

    034E Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

    The NEW 034E Wind Sensor combines wind speed and direction measurements in a single sensing unit. It installs in minutes and provides accurate, long-term, continuous monitoring in hostile environments. The sensor uses a quick-connect sensor cable which may extend hundreds...

  • 083E Relative Humidity Sensor & 085 Relative Humidity : Temperature Sensor

    083E Relative Humidity Sensor & 085 Relative Humidity / Temperature Sensor

    The 083E Relative Humidity Sensor is a highly sensitive and stable temperature measurement tool that provides outstanding accuracy. It is reliable in the full range of relative humidity conditions, from 0-100%, performing equally well in meteorological, industrial, laboratory and other...

  • 065 Air Temperature Sensor

    061 & 065 Air Temperature Sensor

    061 Air Temperature Sensor Met One Instruments’ Model 061 is designed for general-purpose ambient air temperature measurement. The sensor is a precision, multi-element thermistor device that accurately measures ambient air temperature in field settings. This precise performance is a benefit...

  • 092 Barometer Pressure Sensor

    092 Barometer Pressure Sensor

    The 092 Barometric Pressure Sensor measures absolute atmospheric pressure and converts it into a linear, proportional voltage, using digital computer technology. The 092 features robust, low maintenance construction that will withstand a wide range of adverse weather conditions, and consistently...

  • 360 Precipitation Gauges

    360 Precipitation Gauges

    360 series precipitation gauges are high quality, reliable instruments that measure rain and/or snow. The tipping bucket allows for accurate, repeatable measurements and low maintenance. When a precise amount of precipitation is collected in one side of the bucket, gravity...

  • 370-380 Precipitation Gauges

    370D-380D Precipitation Gauges

    370D-380D Series all-metal precipitation gauges measure rain and/or snow in all environments using a tipping bucket mechanism. The economical tipping bucket design allows accurate, repeatable measurements, requiring no regular maintenance. Each model in the 370D-380D Series is optimized to meet...

  • Swift 6.0 Flow Meter

    The Swift 6.0 is a multi-function Flow Meter specifically designed for accurate low rate measurements. The device’s easy to read display shows Flow Rate, Flow Temperature and Ambient Pressure. Flow measurements are traceable to our NIST standard and Certification is...

  • Met One Instruments


    Met One Instruments’ OEM Sensors signal a continued commitment to protecting and preserving health and wellbeing in a world increasingly threatened by airborne particulate. These optical devices start from simple low cost analog samplers easily integrated into existing systems to...

  • Met One Comet Software

    Comet Software

    Comet software is a utility for extracting information (data, alarms, settings, etc.) from Met One Instruments’ products. The software is designed for the user to easily access information within a product without having to know underlying communications protocol for that...

  • Air Plus Software

    Air Plus software includes all of the functions required for the collection, viewing of data, and production of both tabular and graphic reports needed by most users of an air quality or other environmental monitoring system. It is designed for...

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